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SMR7 is a fully hosted cloud solution for retailers, manufacturers and MSO / field marketing agencies. SMR7 makes configuring in-store activities, surveys easy to capture data with our iOS & Android data capture Apps.


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SMR7 is trusted by some of the worlds largest retail giants, including but not limited to those above. Get in touch to find out how SMR7 can help your company just like it has these ones. 


Powerful Visit & Journey Planning


Extensive Visit Planning Functionality 

SMR7 allows you to plan your recurring visits by repeating calendar cycles or explicit date list in the app. You can configure a grace margin to undertake late visits and be notified when a visit has been missed. Users can extensively filter and sort their store list and optionally manage their own visit schedule directly from the handheld.

Drag & Drop Call Files to Easily Configure

On the iPad, SMR7 takes advantage of iOS' great drag and drop functionality to make it easy to configure call files and ensure everything takes place on the right dates. Set grace margins to limit a timeframe in which users can change call file dates. 

14 Million +

Results of Store Visits

10 Million +

Photos Captured

~1 Billion

Questions Captured and Reported


Revamped for 2018

Powerful Reporting with Dash³

2017-11-10 13_04_31.gif

Introducing Dash³

Sync are excited to announce the third generation of our Dashboard web reporting platform Dash3. Dash Cubed offers new levels of browser performance, interactivity and visualisation made possible by our newly developed cube analysis engine.

But what’s best is all the page widgets are linked and interactive. Click on a chain column to filter everything and check compliance. Is the store type or perhaps the item category significant in the overall result?; or perhaps it's the visit duration or even day of the week? Click and toggle to visualise, explore and discover relationships in your data - all delivered in your browser and all using local data. 

Local Data?

We're glad you asked. Dash³ loads up all the data it needs on launch from our Redshift database, meaning every time you change a filter, view-by-bar or drill-down option, there's no need for another slow network request. Everything happens instantly. And boy is it a pleasure to use. 

Unmatched Speed

Just because we're loading up everything at once, doesn't mean we've compromised on performance. The Redshift database powering our dashboards is specially designed for extremely fast read speeds, meaning that we can serve up mountains of data ridiculously quickly. 

Bleeding edge development advances by Sync's team have enabled us to sort through hundreds of thousands of data records on the client side, without ever having to rely on the server. 


Standard Pages

Executive Summary

Our Exec Summary module provides an overview of your data. In the left column, various different contact details are displayed. The two middle graphs show call file compliance and call type data, while the column to the right presents most liked imagery. 


The photos module presents all photos synced to our servers, broken down by categories. Handy features enable users to like, comment on and flag photos for further review. 


The Actions module presents compliance data broken down by actionable items. Handy traffic light colours quickly indicate the performance of each item, so you can focus on problem areas quickly rather than being bogged down by items already in good health. 

Visit Compliance

Our Visit Compliance module does pretty much what it sounds like it does, reports on your overall visit compliance. We feature the same two graphs as on the exec summary page here, this time with the view-by-bar enabling you to sort based on state, item, territory or store type. Keep track of scheduled, unscheduled and missed visits here. 


Our custom page module allows you to create almost any kind of report you wish based on the data you've collected. The Custom Page module is an intelligent grid based page, and allows you to format a page using a 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 grid square. What's more? As of recently, this can be entirely configured by you, our users with advanced configuration tools enabling you to drag and drop widgets into place and easily connect them to a data source. The custom page module is truly the jewel in the crown of our reporting software. 


iOS and Android Reporting Apps, Introducing DeltaDash

Delta is a one hundred percent native application with rendered charts, maps and images which feature subtle animation, high performance and an engagingly tactile method of interacting with your business intelligence. Data is retrieved from the server on-demand using real-time queries and aggressively cached for lag free analysis and comparison.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 12.14.27 pm.png

Updated for 2017

Powerful Store Visit Features


Rich Filtration

SMR7 allows for powerful filtering of stores using up to eleven different criteria, such as hiding visited items, territory, chain, store type, last and next visit and more. Change the sort order to display in order of chain, store type, city, next visit date or any of the other 4 orders



Geocode new visits and photos on creation to ratify your user is at the correct store. Review a compliance report detailing late and out-of location store visits.


Powerful Filtration

SMR7 allows for powerful filtering of stores using up to eleven different criteria, such as hiding visited items, territory, chain, store type, last and next visit and more. Change the sort order to display in order of chain, store type, city, next visit date or any of the other 4 orders


Extended Response Types

  • Signature
  • Numerical
  • Checkbox
  • Slider
  • Currency 
  • Multiple Choice
  • Photography
  • Voice Recording
  • Video Recording

Rich Response Types

SMR7 includes many response types including text, numeric, currency, multi-choice, & more. Media responses include photographs, signatures, voice & video recording and jpeg image viewing. We include conditional and required question flags and undertake numeric range validation to prevent decimal point data input errors.


Inline Extended Responses

The brand new version of SMR7 makes store visits quicker and easier by consolidating extended responses right into the very same list of questions. Dynamically decide what answers trigger different extended responses, and have these extended responses display perfectly inside the list of responses. 


Multiple Modules

SMR7 allows you to complete store visits accross mutliple different projects at once, should a user have access. This makes for easier visit planning and more efficient



Full iPad & Android Support

SMR7 has been developed to take advantage of the beautiful large canvas of an iPad, and automatically adapts to take advantage of the available screen space. 

Furthermore, we provide our entire suite of software for Android as well as iOS, with almost complete feature parity. Not only that, our Android app is universal as well, meaning it will adapt to the screen size of your device to ensure the UI is as clear and easy to use as possible, no matter what kind of device you're using. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 11.52.07 am_google-nexus9-landscape.png

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